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So what would be the countries which you would suggest for aspirant forex traders in India to consider for continuing their forex trading business.

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forex trading is ILLEGAL in both India & pakistan also- but my brother is staying in Salzburg Austria where it is legal so can I trade thru 8767 his a/c tho 8767 im based in Mumbai ? Is it legal to trade thru 8767 an NRI A/C.?

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Also note that, RBI can 8767 t do policy changes on its own even if it start to think forex trading is illegal one fine day.

I am not an expert but if the FX trading is illegal for indviduals? then why one of the biggest indian bank Sate Bank Of India (SBI) allows it to personal It here:

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Hello Usman,,,are you guys nuts? Why asking the same questions again and again? For a resident Indian, trading with HY markets is illegal. Residents can trade currency futures but leverage is only 75(as far as i know,not sure). If you really want to trade in global spot currrency market,open a demo account on etoro and start you manage to make any money on demo(atleast two months is required)start thinking about real trade,RBI blah blah etc. If you are a NRI, you can trade with HY markets OR any NRI cousin or friend can open an account in their name and you can trade that is not impossible..bye and tc

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