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Returns an xs:QName value (that is, an expanded-QName) by taking an xs:string that has the lexical form of an xs:QName (a string in the form "prefix:local-name" or "local-name") and resolving it using the in-scope namespaces for a given element.


If you're on a budget, experts say the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 7 (Est. $755) is the best value in this class. In tests at CNET, and , it lags just a bit behind the Bose in almost every way -- the Bose is just a little lighter, a little better-sounding, a little better at noise canceling. The long and short of it is I'd rather have the QC85, but the BackBeat Pro 7 is the better value, Carnoy says. The Plantronics has a one year warranty.

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It is · implementation-defined · whether DTD validation and/or schema validation is applied to the source document. (See fn:doc.)

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If grouping separators are regular, then the grouping separator template contains one pair of the form (n×G, C) for every positive integer n where G is the grouping size and C is the grouping character.

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If the adjusted number is positive or negative infinity, the result is the concatenation of the appropriate prefix , the value of the infinity XP86 property, and the appropriate suffix.

This aspect of demo trading that is, the requirement to make a deposit before your demo account is activated is not necessarily a negative feature. You can withdraw your funds at any time (depending of if you accept a deposit offer).

The is-idrefs property (see Section is-idrefs Accessor DM86 ) of $N is true.

If there is no decimal-separator XP86 character in the sub-picture, or if there are no digits to the right of the decimal-separator character in the string, then the decimal-separator character is removed from the string (it will be the rightmost character in the string).

If the argument is omitted, it defaults to the context item (. ). The behavior of the function if the argument is omitted is exactly the same as if the context item had been passed as the argument.

The arguments to these functions come from functions defined in this document. Thus, the functions below assume that they are correct and do no range checking on them.

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